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Laramie Plains Museum Videos


People Of The Past Videos

With the Museum closed for tours during the COVID-19 pandemic, our curatorial staff and volunteers are working hard to help our patrons stay engaged with our history. We asked some good friends of the mansion to star in a few videos highlighting influential people from Laramie's past. Check out the videos below, or head over to Docent Discourse for interviews with our docents and volunteers about local history and museum topics.


Diana Brown
Diana Brown
Presented By Karen Bard


Join Museum Board director, Karen Bard, as she portrays early Laramie pioneer, Diana Brown. Diana discusses immigrating from Ireland, ranching, and her take on women’s suffrage.

Eliza Stewart Boyd
Eliza Stewart Boyd
Presented By Susan Shumway


In this edition of People of the Past, the wonderful Susan Shumway presents the life of Eliza Stewart Boyd, first woman called to serve on a Grand Jury, and early Laramie schoolteacher.

N.K. Boswell Video
N.K. Boswell
Presented By Gary Crawford


Join friend of the Museum, Gary Crawford, as he portrays Albany County’s first Sheriff, N. K. Boswell. Sheriff Boswell talks about crooked criminals, the violent times at the beginning of Laramie’s history, and law enforcement in the West.

James Hayford Video
James Hayford
Presented By Al Tremblay


Friend of the Museum, Al Tremblay, portrays James H. Hayford, the cantankerous editor of the Laramie Weekly Sentinel. Listen to Editor Hayford’s views on the old high school, roller-skating, early Laramie history, and much more.

Docent Discourse Videos

Join us for our first installment of Docent Discourse, where our docents from the Laramie Plains Museum cover our favorite stories and objects from our collections.
Edward Ivinson Video
Edward Ivinson
Presented By Kim Viner


In this episode, Historian and Senior Docent, Kim Viner, talks about the life of Edward Ivinson (September 20, 1830 – April 9, 1928).

Jerry Hansen
Albany County Railroad History
Presented By Jerry Hansen


Join resident historian, Jerry Hansen, as he discusses the early beginnings of Albany County History through the building of the railroad.

Favorite Museum Things Video
Museum Favorites
Presented By Sylvia Hansen


Join one of our senior docents, Sylvia Hansen, as she tours the Historic Ivinson Mansion and discusses some of her favorite parts of the museum.



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