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Rental Information

The beautifully restored Ivinson Mansion, built in 1892 by one of Laramie’s first families, is on the National Register of Historic Places and operates as a non-profit historic house museum emphasizing Laramie Plains area history and the Victorian Era. It is an outstanding setting for a small event to incorporate lovely Old World charm. Fire Code allows for a maximum of 50 people inside the Mansion for your event.
Your ceremony may take place in the front Foyer of the Mansion, in the fanciful Drawing Room where the turn-of-the-century owners entertained their very special guests, or in the Library. Our historic furnishings will be moved from the center of the area you choose so that there is room for your intimate gathering of standing guests. Some chairs are available for guests with special needs. The Smoking Room is an adjoining area in which the groom and his attendants can wait before the wedding. The bride may do final dressing on the second floor and then descend the elegant Grand Staircase to meet her waiting groom.
On your memorable day, the museum will be closed to public tours for a period of time to allow for set-up, photographs, family privacy, and clean-up after your event. There is a dressing room for the bride and her attendants in the Alice Hardie Stevens Center and an old-fashioned restroom in the Mansion for the use of you and your guests.  Coordinate such details with the museum staff well before your event.  Decorating may be done by a florist or you.
All fresh flower arrangements must have plates under them to protect the vintage furnishings. Decorations should be simple, without heavy water, pollen or glitter, and must be removed immediately following your event. Only floral tape and ribbons may be used to adhere décor to the staircase wood. A 19th century piano is available in the Library should you choose a pianist to accompany your event. A small audio system may also used for background music.
dining room

Museum volunteers and/or staff will be in attendance to supervise, provide security for our collections, and help with anything you might need.

Extreme care must be shown and no artifacts should be touched. Only furniture indicated by museum staff may be sat upon. Any areas roped off should not be entered by you or your guests. Please make your family and guests aware that the museum is not open for uninhibited wandering while they wait for photos to be taken or the ceremony to begin.

Ivinson Mansion
Historic House Rental:
$500 per rental
$500 refundable security deposit


Laramie Plains Museum  603 Ivinson Street, Laramie, WY 82070  (307) 742-4448  lpmdirector@laramiemuseum.org