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Girls School

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After Mr. Ivinson gave his house to the Episcopal Church, it was remodeled to be suitable for a boarding school at a cost of $22,000. The house had a parlor, reading rooms, dining rooms, a library, chapel, office, principal's apartment, hospital room and a dormitory. The girls attended University High for classes, but received instruction in deportment, music, dance, religion and physical education at Ivinson Hall.

The girls attended Tuesday Teas in Ivinson Hall and hosted many soirees and tea dances. They also attended fetes at Sherwood Hall, the Cathedral School for Boys.

The Carriage House was renamed "Joslin's Cottage" in honor of Reverend Morten Joslin, who died on October 5, 1921. When renovations were complete, there was a study hall/recital area on the first floor and a dormitory on the second floor.

Virginia Cottage was built in 1924. This building had a gymnasium, recreation hall, stage, dressing rooms, rooms for music students and a dormitory. It is now known as the Alice Hardie Stevens Center.

In 1958, after rural transportation became reliable and interest in a Cathedral School had dropped, the girls' school closed. For a time, the Episcopal Church maintained the house as a boarding house, but that was dropped in the mid 1960s. From that time until 1972, the house was empty. Vandals stole many things from the house and damaged fixtures. However, the Episcopal Church also sold many fixtures to interested individuals.


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