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Ivinson Mansion Rooms Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many square feet are in the Mansion?
A: The basement has 3,070 square feet, the first floor has 3,306, the second floor has 3,063, and the third floor has 2,289 square feet for a total of 11,726 square feet. The Ivinsons lived mainly on the first and second floors and they total 6,369 square feet. A cozy and modern three bedroom home with two baths has about 2,000 square feet.

Q: How many rooms are there in the Mansion?
A: The Ivinsons' main living space in the first and second floors consisted of seventeen rooms, including the foyers and bathrooms. This count does not include closets and the pantries. If you count the basement and the third floor, without closets, the room count is thirty. Including large closets and the pantry, the room count is thirty-three. There are three porches on the first floor, and there is a balcony outside the servants' bathroom.

Q: How much would this property be worth on today’s market?
A: The best answer to this is "We have no idea." However the reason that we don’t know is we have no way of finding out, because we don’t intend to sell and there is no equivalent property in Laramie. The property cost around $40,000 to build in 1892. There were about $50,000 worth of improvements during the Girls’ School era. The Episcopal Diocese charged the Laramie Plains Museum more than $100,000 in 1972, which was less than market price, for the property.



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