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Laramie Plains Museum Endowment

"Museums are indispensable to our civilization. They allow us to appreciate where we have been, tell us where we are, and give us a solid base to understand where we are going." Purpose
The endowment will enable the museum to carry out its mission of preserving, restoring and exhibiting material resources in order to increase public appreciation of the unique culture of the region. We believe in the importance of fostering public education concerning the values of historic preservation and the nature of the human heritage of the Laramie area through interpretation, exhibitions, publications, and special events.
It's a chance for you to help insure that the museum continues as the focal point of Albany County's historical and material past. We need our best efforts to maintain the Ivinson Mansion, which houses the museum, and its attractive grounds and out-buildings as a unique part of our heritage.
Because the museum receives no federal, state or local governmental guarantee of funds, it depends solely on memberships, entrance fees, donations and special programs, which are inadequate for its support. A dependable source of operating funds is critical. More than a hundred volunteers, including junior high and senior high school students, keep the doors open for the thousands of school children (admitted free) and adults from throughout the world who annually visit. How Can You Help?
There are many ways to make your gift. You and all other community members who value historic preservation are encouraged to help build the Endowment. Your financial commitment is vital. Over three decades ago a dedicated group of citizens saved the Ivinson property from destruction. It is again time for all of us to preserve this valuable community asset. We need you!

Real Estate
Direct Bequests
Life Insurance
Residential Bequests
Charitable Remainder
Gifts in Trust
Tangible Personal Property

All gifts are tax deductible. The Museum Association places funds with First Interstate Wealth Management, as it dreams of a sustained future through the Endowment.
The Museum Director and Laramie Plains Museum Board will be happy to discuss whatever form of donation is comfortable for you.

Please contact Executive Director, Mary Mountain at 307.742.4448 or write to:

Laramie Plains Museum Endowment
Attn: Mary Mountain, Executive Director
603 Ivinson Avenue
Laramie, Wyoming 82070-3299



Membership Form
Laramie Plains Museum  603 Ivinson Avenue, Laramie, WY 82070  (307) 742-4448  lpmdirector@laramiemuseum.org